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Embodying Spirit: The Journey Towards Enlightenment

Enlightenment is widely viewed as a mysterious, inaccessible concept that falls into the territory of monks and gurus. In contrast, Dr. Kamala Easton illuminates a simple and powerful truth that it is available to anyone who is willing to surrender to the Divine within. Her practical approach guides the reader through moving into that place of surrender and, ultimately, towards oneness with the divine consciousness. This book is a series of reflections inspired and informed by the seven principles underlying her enlightenment course, Embodying Spirit: The Journey Towards Enlightenment. The reader finds immediately applicable tools for becoming a happier and healthier human being on the path towards love, power, and expansion. The Intimacy of Enlightenment offers a unique perspective on how to connect with this Great Spirit within.

Self-love is much more than accepting ourselves. It is the journey toward happiness that takes a long time. You need to believe and stand up for yourself. It means understanding what you can do and what you can’t. Your thoughts, body, and emotions get synchronized altogether when you are on the way to loving yourself. Give some attention to your heart and think about the special moments with our course “Embodying Spirit” you will learn how to love yourself keeping the egoistic and narcissistic ways aside.

4 Month or 2 Month Intensive

Work individually with Dr. Easton or within a group (maximum 20 participants)

Join the life-embracing course and work individually with Dr. Kamala Easton or within a group (maximum 20 participants). This course will help you a lot in healing within and accepting the universe the way it is. It also makes us love ourselves by making us understand the things we are capable of doing through our minds. Explore the real you today!