• Enlightened Consciousness in Real World Living

  • Learn to Transcend and Shift to a Higher State of Being

  • Handle Life Issues with Peace and Grace as your Divine Self

  • Enlightenment Made Possible Day-to-Day

  • Listen to Your Higher Self 24/7

  • Living Life Beyond the Restrictions of the Human Mind

  • Carry the Peace of your Yogic practice into Each Day of Your Life

Dr. Kamala Easton

Spiritual Teacher,  Author,
Spiritual Intuitive Advisor, Non-Profit Consultant


For many, being on a spiritual path has been a life long journey. But the idea of actual transformation remains elusive or is beyond our human comprehension. Often this shift from becoming to being is due to subtle beliefs about

The Course, Embodying Spirit the Journey Towards Enlightenment has been created to assist you in moving beyond concepts, to the reality of
who you truly are.

All Classes And Intuitive Sessions Offered Live Online For Over 8 Years

Kamala’s New Book – The Intimacy of Enlightenment: Opening to the Divine in Everyday Life

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Enlightenment book



Shakti Panel - Rishikesh International Film Festival 2020


My First Experience of Rishikesh

Ganga Wisdom on Current Times

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Spiritual Transformation Course
Embodying Spirit: the Journey Towards Enlightenment
4 Month Online Course 

Deeply explore spirit, personal transformation and lasting change under the extraordinary guidance of Dr. Kamala Easton. This intensive online course, uses a combination of teaching, discussions, meditations and personal practices  to move seekers beyond personal blockages that are holding them back from being their True Selves.

My Journey

Dr. Easton Offers a Series of Workshops
on the Indian Goddesses at Yoga Studios
Throughout the World


Goddess of Abundance, Beauty, and Bliss.


Goddess of Transformation.


Goddess of Wisdom, Prayer & Creativity.


Warrior Goddess of Protection.

Each three-hour workshop includes a talk on the Goddess, Yoga, Breathwork, and Mantra through which we begin the process of opening ourselves to these higher vibrations.

“I have found Kamala to be an informed and inspired teacher of yogic spirituality, particularly relating to the traditions of the Goddess. She has studied her subject not simply academically but also experientially and brings in a great deal of personal insight and dedication into her work. She has a unique ability to inspire and to communicate with a diverse audience. “

– Dr. David Frawley, Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies

Spiritual Intuitive Sessions

“The Gift of Knowing"

After a powerful spiritual transformation during her 9 years in India, Kamala merged into that place where ALL is known. She received the gift of KNOWING. She is able to reveal the deepest issues of the heart. What is keeping you from living your highest life, the causes and how to clear them. Information is revealed in areas of relationships, business, finances, health, and spiritual transformation. Sessions are offered One-on-One via skype or facetime.

“I have been blessed more than once to receive a reading from Kamala. With incredible accuracy, she weaves deep and insightful information to me as if being recited from a saint, an angel and/or some divine energy. I have come away each time with a sweet sense of expansion, my burdens lifted and my heart opened even more.”

-Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM
Owner - Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center

Dr. Easton's Autobiography

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGINI is the story of the author‘s spiritual transformation and mystical and tempestuous 7-year relationship with one of the world’s most renowned gurus.

Autobiography of a Yogini

Kamala's New Book

In this collection of 30 quotes, spiritual teacher, Dr. Kamala Easton, reveals words of wisdom and transformation to assist us in stepping into our true nature. That of the Divine expressing itself as us on earth.

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