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Embodying Spirit: The Journey Towards Enlightenment

Deeply explore spirit, personal transformation and lasting change under the extraordinary guidance of Kamala Easton. This intensive online course, uses a combination of teaching, discussions, meditations and personal practices to move seekers beyond personal blockages that are holding them back from being their True Selves.The course is offered weekly on-line, over a four-month period. Students can also choose to work one on one with Kamala or in a group.


The Curriculum Explained

Discovering Your True Self Principle #1. Possibility of Merging
Many people in Western societies do not believe they can become one with the Divine. Kamala dispels the false beliefs that may be preventing individuals from fully merging with Divine consciousness and becoming their truest self.
Healing Past Wounds Principle #2. Heart
The human heart does much more than give and receive love. It also serves as a receptacle for past hurts. Under Kamala's guidance students will uncover and heal past wounds deep within the heart. With past hurts gone, the heart is free to open, begin a deep love affair with the Divine and seek out and find its most cherished desires.
Activating Your Awakening Principle #3. Breath
Breath is a powerful igniter of spirit. Through the powerful breath practices Kamala teaches, students can activate their spiritual awakening and begin to achieve a higher vibration of being.
Receiving Divine Guidance Principle #4. Listening
The Divine talks to us all day, every day but few people truly listen and even fewer follow through on the advice that is being offered. Kamala instructs students on ways to tune out the chatter of the small human mind and tune into the Divine.
Mobilizing Powerful Energies Principle #5 Body
Our bodies are intended to be temples of the Living God. We must not only keep them pure but also strive to enliven our bodies with divine spiritual power or Kundalini Shakti. Kamala will show students how to bring out the powerful energies that lie dormant in their bodies so they can begin to live
Accepting the Divine  Essence Principle #6. Knowing
Kamala assists students in discovering what is meant by " Am That I Am.“ Through prayer and intention she will guide students into willing this truth into their lives.
Moving with the Flow of Life Principle # 7. Allowing
It is important to realize and accept that life happens without our pushing. With Kamala's help students will begin to live their lives with the flow of life instead of against it. She will discuss what it means to allow life to happen on many levels of being and to become adept at creating within that divine flow.
Union with the Divine Principle #8. Union
Union with the Divine is the culmination of all the principles that went before it. To achieve that state students will learn to merge the small self with the Great Self, aligning their thoughts, words and actions with the Divine Mind. At this level students will strive to own everything within their being.

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