Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions

1/2Hr Sessions

From the comfort of your own home, experience the power of a long-distance spiritual energy healing session. Dr. Easton has been on a vast journey as an energy healer for over 15 years including being an energy clinician at UCLA Medical Ctr and appearing on PBS & Discovery Channels. Every individual is going through distinctive physical and mental problems. Dr. Kamala’s session addresses issues on the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The timing of the session is 1/2 hour. You can attend it from your home and wherever the internet is accessible. Dr. Kamala Easton’s session is a holistic approach to healing. By working with the energy of the body, the session can help to release blockages and promote balance in all areas of life. This can lead to greater health and well-being on all levels. Being a part of this thirty minute session can change your way of life.

Divine Intervention for Weight Management Course

2 Hr via Skype/FacetimeThis is another live course with Dr. Easton that will help you in making your life better, and you receive spiritual insights into the metaphysical causes of weight issues. The human body has a lot more to deal with as humans have mixed emotions at a time that can excite you and make you overeat. Dieting does not work over an extended period, But this course is beyond dieting as she will give Intuitive guidance about breathwork and meditations that release the deep-seated issues held in the mind and body. This course teaches you to use food as body fuel and not comfort. Want to join this session? You can be a participant online via Skype/Facetime or by phone.